Steam: The Energy Fluid

All of ProHeat's preheaters use patented thermosiphon steam technology to deliver efficient and reliable heating. The benefits of using steam for energy transfer include its high energy carrying capacity, uniform heat transfer, and ease of control. With steam, less overall fluid is required, making systems more compact, responsive and easy to control. Problems associated with loss of preheat due to pump failures is resolved as steam provides a natural source of maintenance free circulation. Thanks to ProHeat's low pressure steam technology, not only is less fuel used, but preheaters can be built more compactly with higher reliability.

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Powered by ProHeat Dynamics

A gas pipeline is a dynamic system with constantly changing energy requirements for preheating. Existing preheating methods are not responsive enough to changes in gas flow, and have to store sufficient energy in a large thermal mass of water and glycol to cover the peak-demand scenarios. ProHeat Dynamic Control uses sensor inputs that take measurements from gas temperature and steam temperature to dynamically adjust the output of the energy to perfectly match demand. The result is compact and resposnive preheater that uses 50% less fuel and 90% less water than a comparably sized water bath heater.

Configuration Options

ProHeat provides a compact, skid-mounted preheating package designed as a direct replacement for water bath heaters and boiler houses. ProHeat’s flexible configurations can reuse existing site infrastructure including bases and process connections, minimizing time and costs associated with preheater replacement. Factory testing prior to installation and rigorous quality control ensure a fault-free commissioning. Each modular system is configured to the needs of individual site specifications.

System Duty 60 kW - 4.5 MW
Evaporator Configuration Single or Dual
Evaporator Fabrication Stainless Steel
Condenser, Skid & Pipework Carbon Steel
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