Engineering Better Preheater Solutions through Collaboration

Northern Gas Networks

ProHeat is proud to be supporting Northern Gas Networks in its Low Carbon Gas Preheat (LCGP) project, the first of its kind to benchmark preheater performance across four classes of technology. This groundbreaking £6.8M study will use real time performance monitoring to highlight daily and monthly differences in preheater performance across twelve UK gas network sights. As an industry first, performance results including efficiency and carbon emissions will be captured and shared on a real-time web platform. ProHeat will supply three systems to the LCGP study ranging from 80kW to 2.5 MW. .

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ProHeat is collaborating with SGN in an OFGEM funded NIA programme to deliver Immersion Tube Preheaters as a replacement for existing water bath heaters. Two sites in Scotland were selected to quantify benefits in cost, efficiency, and reliability. ProHeat’s modular low pressure steam-based preheating systems are designed to reduce fuel use and maintenance costs. Each installation is projected to save SGN £135k in capital investment with an additional savings of £200k over the life of each facility.

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University of Swansea Advanced Manufacturing Technology Division

ProHeat has partnered with ASTUTE to set the theoretical underpinnings for ProHeat’s new preheating solutions. The partnership produced an academic paper modeling the feasibility, efficiency, and environmental benefits of preheating systems utilising a sub-atmospheric two-phase type thermosyphon with a high-efficiency, modular burner design. The ASTUTE paper was presented at the KES International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing.

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DNV GL Group

ProHeat has engaged DNV GL, one of the top three certification bodies in the world, as a design consultant to ensure designs follow incorporate practices from the European and UK gas industry standards.

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Institution of Gas Managers and Engineers

ProHeat is proud of its Industrial Affiliate status with IGEM, the gas industry’s oldest accredited professional society. IGEM continues to update and publish British Gas standards which are referenced internationally and recognized among the foremost technical standards for the gas industry.

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