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As the first company dedicated exclusively to the development of preheating solutions for the gas industry, ProHeat collaborates with customers and key suppliers to deliver fit-for-purpose, preheating systems that are low-maintenance and environmentally sustainable.

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Proheat builds tailored product

Customer Collaboration

Unlike companies with a one-size-fits-all approach, ProHeat doesn't build a product and try to sell it to you. Each ProHeat heater is tailored to the requirements of the individual customer. We work to understand your needs and deliver custom solutions that install seamlessly, save energy, and require little maintenance, all in the name of saving you

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Robust Preheating Systems

Robust Preheating Systems

ProHeat engineers preheating systems that are both powerful and efficient. Thanks to high-quality materials such as stainless steel, and a simplified design that uses fewer moving parts, our heaters stay on-line longer. We use steam-based thermosyphon technology to dramatically reduce energy usage and provide gas heating that is responsive to load fluctuations.

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Low Carbon Preheating

Low Carbon Preheating

ProHeat Systems is proud to offer preheating solutions which exceed EU 2030 forty percent domestic emissions reduction requirements. Replacement of a 500kw water bath heater with a new preheating system from ProHeat will provide fuel savings of more than 30% and a reduction in emissions equivalent to having removed 1,200 cars from the road over a period of one year.

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