ProHeat is Recognized for Excellence in Preheating

IET 2014 Innovation Awards: Winner -
Built Environment

ProHeat Systems has been announced as the winner of the Built Environment category in a global competition to recognise the best and the brightest engineering and technology innovations.

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Network Innovation Competition: £4.8 million in funding awarded by Ofgem

ProHeat has partnered with Northern Gas Networks in a groundbreaking project to optimise and benchmark preheating technologies. The study will be the first of its kind to make data available, in real time, to other gas distribution networks and the wider industry.

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UK Energy Innovation Awards: Winner -
Best Energy Network Improvement

From the press release:
London-based ProHeat Systems Ltd won ‘Best Network Improvement’ for developing a revolutionary way of preheating gas that fits with the gas distribution networks’ requirements for reduced carbon footprint on the network and reduced lifetime costs.

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